The boom in Nigeria’s real estate sector has been attributed to the influx of new and young entrepreneurs who injected new dynamics into the Nigerian property market. Among the names of young property entrepreneurs being mentioned, Ujomu Lucky Ikechukwu, who founded LuckyBay Homes Nigeria Limited, is prominent.

The native of Ibusa, Oshimili Local Government Area of Delta State, had studied to become a teacher but his passion for entrepreneurship prevailed over him in his choice of profession culminating in a career change that saw him venturing into real estate where he had to start from the bottom of the ladder of the profession.

His entrepreneurship odyssey holds a lesson for young people aspiring to become successful business people, prominently the timeless lesson of patience and tenacity.

The LuckyBay Homes founder who began his career as a real estate broker in 2009 did not have his breakthrough until nine years later in 2018, after building his first housing project of two five-bedroom detached duplexes for five years.

Today, his patience had paid off as LuckyBay Homes has a reputation as one of the best real estate development companies in Nigeria that specializes in building affordable luxury houses.

Another lesson from his entrepreneurship story is the fact that passion propels business people to success.

As he recounted during a chat on Instagram, he did not stumble into real estate but rather was driven by passion and nurture for many years. According to him: “While I was growing up, I have passion for business and my focus areas were real estate on the one hand, and oil and gas on the other hand.”

A man who often expresses optimism despite the difficult economic situation of the country, the LuckyBay Homes founder epitomises the Nigerian never-say-die spirit and has continued to push his company to greater heights.