The Egan-Igando housing scheme which has dragged on for over 22 years, has reached 90% completion. This is according to the Lagos State Government.

Commissioner for Housing, Moruf Akinderu-Fata, MAF, provided the assurance during the site inspection of housing projects in Egan, Lagos State University. As well as Lateef Kayode Jakande Gardens in the Igando area of the state.

MAF, who headed the top team on the inspection, Mr. Kamar Olowoshago, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, spoke through him. Olowoshago stated that the purpose of the tour was to assess the status of ongoing projects. As well as how the finished ones were doing.

Situated on Agric Road in the Lagos State neighborhood of Egan-Igando, Alimosho Local Government, the estate has reportedly served as a haven for criminals for the 22 years it has stalled. The Egan-Igando housing scheme project is situated on a large plot that is over 100 hectares long and runs along Agric Road. However, this area is home to both finished and unfinished buildings as well as land parcels.

It was learned that the estate belonged to the Federal Government and was specifically set aside for the cultivation of maize. As well as complete with sophisticated planting and harvesting machinery. But Lagos State Government later took control of it.

Residents urged succeeding administrations, particularly the Ministry of Housing, to resume development on the abandoned housing estate project. This was out of concern for the resultant security threat posed by the structures.

Remarks on the Egan-Igando housing scheme
Concerned residents spoke with one of the associations’ executives, Mr. Adeshina Ojewande, Vice-Chairman of the Agric Road Residents Association, who gave an overview of the project and revealed that it has been ongoing for 22 years, starting during the Alhaji Lateef Jakande era, and has remained unfinished to this day.

According to Ojewande, “Land speculators once distributed a portion of the land to various individuals, who used it for schools. Until the Federal Ministry of Housing took control of it and began constructing subpar housing. The Bola Tinubu administration seized control of the property, demolished the buildings, and commanded that it be fenced. The land speculators had already encroached on some of the lands before the fencing project began.”

“The area was well gated, the maize harvesters were taken out, and a signpost for the state’s housing ministry was put up. Additionally, they laid the groundwork for construction and constructed numerous housing units,” He continued.