The Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria has said no significant improvement has been recorded in the housing sector despite efforts to salvage the deficit in the country.

The association also identified population explosion especially in urban centres, rising global crisis and conflicts emanating from wars, terrorism and national disasters as factors affecting the sector.

The President of the association, Victor Onukwugha, while addressing journalists criticised the government for failing to invest in a social housing scheme which would provide housing for low and medium earners.

He said, “What have we have done as a nation to address both the disputed figure and pragmatic policy to reduce the prevailing housing shortage in the last one year?

“Where is the place of social housing, which all over the world, is essentially driven by government and seen as the responsibility of government to the governed? There is no doubt that our governments both at the federal and state levels have done very little over the years to respond to social housing and address increasing housing deficits.

“It is therefore worrisome that we have continued to move in circles without notable improvement in addressing housing shortage and deficits across the nation.”