Dr Kinsley Azonobi, a real estate developer and Chairman of Domak Group, says Nigeria needs new technologies to tackle challenges in various sectors of the economy.

Azonobi said this on Friday in Abuja at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Domak Group and Wendit Group, a German company, to tackle housing deficit in Nigeria.

He said application of technology has changed the world by proffering concrete solutions to challenges arising from various sectors in developed economies of the world.

Azonobi explained that any nation that fails to adapt by embracing and domesticating new and emerging technologies would remain undeveloped.

According to him, Nigeria needs new technologies to enhance and foster the livelihoods of citizens in different sectors of the economy.

He said Wendit group, an international management and service supply company, was introducing something new to Nigeria.

“We need these people because Nigeria needs new technology; new solution in energy, new technology in housing, new solution in agriculture, mining and that is what the industry is bringing on board.

“Domak is creating a new horizon for African partnership and global business partnerships and I’m happy that Wendit found us worthy to have this partnership,’’ he said.

Azonobi assured Nigerians that the partnership would be announced soon to ensure that “the business is open, the government is aware and everyone is involved.”

Dr Erich Horiacher, the Chief Executive Officer of Wendit Group, said the partnership would bring benefits and lots of good things for Nigeria and its citizens.

He said the areas of cooperation between the two companies were numerous as they had extensive discussions.

“The future brings something good for Nigeria.

“We are going to establish here in Nigeria, together with Dr Kinsley of Domark and I think he’s the right partner and we have big plans for the future,’’ Horiacher said.(NAN)