At a time when the global real estate market size is expected to reach $5.85 trillion by 2030, Deborah Ojo a young entrepreneur, real estate investor and a broker is helping people realize their dream of home ownership remarkably.

She’s a real estate broker with RE/MAX, the largest real estate company in Canada. She is passionate about educating buyers and sellers on the real estate process and is committed to educating, mentoring and supporting other entrepreneurs.

The trusted real estate agent has a degree in Human Resources Management and a postgraduate degree in Project Management.

Her reputation for getting the job done with her mida’s touch, passion and dedication has helped her rise through the ranks in her industry.

In 2018, Deborah clinched the Re/Max Platinum awards, in 2019 she won the Chairman’s Club Award. 2020 didn’t end without Deborah winning the top producing agents award, and 2021, Chairman’s Club Award.

What makes Deborah unique as a real estate broker is her ability to focus on portfolio building for her clients. Their first property is usually the gateway for them to own multiple properties in their portfolio.

In the same vein, she is also a real estate broker, who manages her team at DeboraHomes. At DeboraHomes, the astute Real Estate Investor offers consultation to her clients on how they can grow their portfolio. She connects them to trusted professionals who would help them achieve their real estate investment goals.

Childhood dreams hold clues into what we may be naturally drawn to as adults. As a child Deborah had wild dreams, she wanted to own multiple businesses. She saw herself running big conglomerate businesses, owning large apartment buildings and lots more. Little wonder, she is moving towards her dreams, one day at a time.

On the traits that have helped her soar against odds, Deborah believes it’s her passion and drive to continue to place her clients needs above all that has separated her from her competitors.

In her words: “I am not number 1. My clients are.”

For her career highlights the visionary entrepreneur says it will be when she bagged the Million Level Award in 2021 — Hall of fame. “I am the youngest black girl who has ever received this award. I take delights in moments when my clients are able to fire their bosses because of their portfolio generates cash flow to replace their salary. Last year we worked with over 50 families to build and double their real estate portfolio and this year we set a target to help 100 families to do the same. However, we have surpassed that number and counting.

DeboraHomes executive believes in not dimming one’s light for others.

Hear her: “I have learned so many lessons, but the most recent is to not dim your lights to make others comfortable. When you grow sometimes faster than the norm, people want you to behave a certain way or you will be tagged as being proud! As long as you stay humble, don’t be afraid to express yourself and speak up whenever necessary.”

Deborah is fulfilled when her clients smile at the realization of their dream of financial freedom.