A Lagos-based real estate firm, Adbond Harvest and Homes Limited has unveiled an agro to home housing scheme in three states of the country, which would secure the future of Nigerians.

Under the project planned for Ogun, Oyo and Lagos States, families are encouraged to see agriculture as property and investments, which will be converted to homes in future.

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer, Adbond Harvest and Homes Limited, Mr. Oluwagbemiga Adekoya, who disclosed this during a media briefing in Lagos, said the goal is to help families secure enormous wealth for the next generation.

Adekoya said, during a research conducted between 2015 and 2017, they realised that a lot of families did not recognise agriculture as a real estate.

He said: “ We are now looking at how we can make this count and how we can create a solution. We notice that what is in their heart is basically home.

“One of their major needs is something that could give them a sustainable livelihood so that they can deal with their financial needs by themselves. So, we are helping them to buy what we called agro to home land.

“Through the process, we are fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as zero hunger, no poverty, decent work and economic growth, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities.

“We‘re also employing youths for virtual job opportunities and had employed over 1,000. We have secured future space for over 2,000 households since inception.

“We will help investors to farm on the land they buy as their own property and get a management team that would help them care for them.

“We have agricultural partners that are joining and working with us. We have projects in Obafemi Owode local council around Governor’s road, near Abeokuta and another at Lagelu Local Council in Ibadan, Oyo State, as well as in Mojoda, Epe, Lagos.

Also, Executive Partner/Media Team Lead, Adbond Harvest and Homes Limited, Mrs. Omowunmi Oluwagbemiga, said the goal of love of the nation campaign is to make Nigerians embrace agriculture.