The Managing Director of GIDI Homes, Akerele Tobi, during the inauguration of Eko Beach City, said the developers of the city are in partnership with international companies for the provision of solar roofs and helipads for all residents of Eko Beach City.

The recent inauguration of hundreds of acres of land mega-city in the Abijo area of the state was done in collaboration with three major brands, KOEN Homes, RIEL Homes, and GIDI Homes, alongside other passive collaborators.

Akerele said Eko Beach City was a vision, mission and a movement.

He said, “We are creators of earth green and aqua city in Nigeria, and we are changing from the normal.

“We are in partnership with a firm that has over 40,000 consultants. People believe the vision to be able to enjoy a healthy environment they would love to be part of.

“The main challenge is that our policies in the country can be changed overnight and investors would not want to come into a country that does not have regulated policies.

According to him, one of the challenges faced was that of government policies, and the government should partner the private sector more.

He noted that the aim of the development of the city was affordability.

Akerele said, “What we are doing is that at least, you do not have to break the bank, you should be able to afford a healthy environment.

“There is a difference between just buying land and buying comfort and peace of mind, where you can sleep at night and have the best feel.”

The developer said Eko Beach City was the first residential scheme that would have the beach.

He said, “The city has a helipad, so once there’s traffic, we are trying to say that there is a way we can beat this traffic.

“Also, we are working with our waterways. Now, all these are unique. The most important part of it is the area of healthy living. According to statistics, we were made to understand that 80 per cent of the death of our newer children in Nigeria is caused by polluted air.

“That is why we are planting about 5,000 trees in Eko Beach City to get a purer air. That is why I would say that Eko Beach City is the answer and the future.”

In addition, he said the future of real estate in Nigeria, Lagos especially, would keep on increasing, because demand was more than the supply.

The Chief Operating Officer of Eko Beach City, Ayorinde Ejioye, enjoined the government to provide mortgages for real estate companies to enable client’s pay for a period of 10 years, without affecting the operations of the real estate company involved.