“We hope them to become green buildings”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Jakarta Environment Office suggested that four-story residential buildings or flats in the capital should apply an environment-friendly concept to ensure sustainable development.

“We hope them to become green buildings,” Jakarta Environmental Office Head Asep Kuswanto stated here on Wednesday.

Kuswanto emphasized that the development of residential buildings in Jakarta, including those having four floors, should reduce the use of groundwater and instead harness solar energy and plant more trees.

“Although now (the development) of buildings are high-rise (oriented), it still (needs) to stick to the environment-friendly buildings (concept),” he explained.

Meanwhile, regarding prohibition on the use of groundwater, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan issued Gubernatorial Regulation No. 93 of 2021 on groundwater-free zones that stipulates the prohibition on taking and/or utilizing groundwater starting August 1, 2023.

The regulation was issued due to the limited availability of groundwater and land subsidence occurring in Jakarta.

The ban is applicable for buildings, with an area of five thousand square meters or more, and buildings with eight floors or more.

Furthermore, Article 3 stipulates that lots in conjunction or next to groundwater-free zones and roads are also prohibited from using groundwater.

There are 12 road areas and nine groundwater-free zone areas. Administrative sanctions, temporary suspension of activities, and fines can be implemented if there is any violation.

On the other hand, according to Article 135 of Gubernatorial Regulation No. 32 of 2022 concerning the Detailed Spatial Planning of Jakarta, a four-story residential building or flat can be inhabited by two or more heads of families.

The regulation also prohibits flat residents from using groundwater if it has been served by a clean water network. Residents can use infiltration wells or retention basins to collect rainwater.

Moreover, to reduce groundwater consumption, the Jakarta-owned water tap company, PAM Jaya, has collaborated with the central government to accelerate the provision of piped clean water.