By Peter Egwuatu

Alera City, owned by Osmond Properties, has assured Nigerians of a new viable investment option capable to help as many as possible achieve their dream in the real estate as the sector has the potential to grow over $56 billion.

Osmond Properties noted that land investment tops the list as one of the most reliable ways of building wealth as it is believed to be secured, has no value depreciation, and translates easily into trans generational wealth.

Speaking on behalf of the company, the CEO, Osmond Ketiku, explained that: “The real estate industry is currently valued at $56 billion with capacity to grow even bigger and explained further that Lagos has a larger chunk of the accrued expenses in real estate.”

In the same breathe, he added that Epe now enjoys an attraction from investors because of the many features it holds including being a collecting point for the export of fish, cassava, corn, green vegetables, coconuts, cocoa, palm produce, rubber, and firewood to Lagos.

In his words, “We as a company are committed to providing for our customer reliable investment options and we have maintained a track record of doing just that. Our research has proven to us Epe is now a viable investment and we are delighted to help Nigerians make the best of it. The city is known for its construction of motorized, shallow-draft barges that navigate the coastal lagoons. Fishing is a major occupation. The town is served by secondary schools, several hospitals, and a health office. Via our Alera City project, we see an opportunity to break into the market by offering you affordability and the opportunity to have a collective experience that improves the quality of life. Perhaps our biggest advantage is affordability as our lands go for as low as N1,500,000 and with a deposit of N500,000 and spread balance in 6 months.’’

“Alera City was launched earlier in the year and has since become a roller coaster ride of success, giving true experience and leisure in the finest way. It embraces technology, creativity, and innovation. If you’ve ever thought of having to live in a city that provides you with everything you could possibly need within your reach, Alera City is that place.

Amongst other things, it provides amenities including Gated Estate, Shopping Mall, Co-working Space, Playground Area, Tennis Court, Clinic, Drainage System, Security Cameras and Central Water System” Ketiku added.