Experts and stakeholders in the building sector have advanced the need for the country to embrace alternative housing technologies like the use of sawdust, bamboo as against orthodox building materials like cement, blocks and sand.

Converged on the University of Ibadan for the fourth International Housing and Construction Fair, the building stakeholders held that the nation will meet global housing standards by exploring eco-friendly, green and smart building technologies.

Particularly pointing to the increasing cost of cement, sand and blocks, the stakeholders noted that such new housing technologies were not only cheaper but also climate-friendly.

Noting that there was a huge housing deficit in Nigeria, the stakeholders noted the imperativeness of low-cost housing to bridge the gap between sustainable and affordable housing.

Setting the tone for the event, the convener of the fair, Rotimi Shodimu spoke about the cement bamboo technology of Asia where treated bamboo and plastered cement is used to build houses.

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Shodimu said: “We are looking at how we can metamorphose from the orthodox building materials that are making the price of housing expensive. We are exploring other technologies like sawdust, bamboo, containers and it is working.

“There is the Asian revolution where they are exploring alternative building materials.

“There is cement bamboo technology, which is a technology that has not been explored.

“We had a sample of cement bamboo technology in Ibadan and it was highly successful and we are looking at replicating those houses and it is what Nigerians can benefit from and become homeowners in the near future.

“It is housing technology using a treated bamboo plastered cement. So, the superstructure is treated bamboo. It is a cheaper option. With the kind of collaboration we are putting in place, if the government can support us, we can have a three-bedroom for N3 million or less with that technology. We have built one in Olorunda, Ibadan.