Chave Group is an investment company with offices in Nigeria and Cape Verde.

The motive to open the office in Cape Verde is due to the numerous business opportunities in the country.

The Executive Director – Chioma Nwaorie had the pleasure of meeting the President of Praia -His Excellency Francisco Carvalho. They discussed various investment options in Cabo Verde.

Cape Verde is a country with 10 beautiful islands, some called it, “The Island Country”. It a very secure and beautiful place which attracts millions of tourists annually. Cape Verde being our sister country is a visa-free country for people from West Africa. The government of Cape Verde has put a lot in place to assist investors from various parts of the world.

CHAVE GROUP in partnership Cape Verde Government can assist investors with company Set up and investment in real estate, tourism, maritime, agriculture, and other services. West African Countries have even more to benefit from investing in Cape Verde as it’s a Visa-free access.

Investment in Real estate of €80,000 and above gives the investor an opportunity to obtain Cape Verde Citizenship. Foreign investor who set up their company in Cape Verde benefits from numerous incentives put in place by the government some of the benefits are; Custom duty exemption, easy access to loans, tax exemption, green card, IRS fiscal credits, and exemption from capital gain tax.

With a GDP growth rate of 14.8% annually. It’s economy is mostly service oriented. Over 70% of food consumed is imported as there is insufficient water for agricultural activities due to lack of rainfall. However, their major export is fish/seafood as there is an abundance of sea water engulfing the island.

There are lots of opportunities to be exploited from this island country. To become part of the exclusive Investors who are capitalizing on the economic boom in Cape Verde, contact Chave group.