ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New Energy Works is impacting the greater Rochester region by creating unique and sustainable buildings across our community.

News 8’s Ally Peters recently spoke with Eric Fraser, the General Manager of New Energy Works, to discuss their ongoing work across our area.

What is New Energy Works?
New Energy Works has studio shops in New York and Oregon. The company designs and builds custom homes, buildings and enclosures throughout the country. The team is made up of timber framers, builders, woodworkers and craftsmen.

“Our business is built on the triple bottom line idea that people, profit and planet are all equal drivers in our business and decision making, and when successful, we’re successful in each bucket,” Fraser said.

What are some of their recent projects?
“We just completed the beautiful new Lyons National Bank facility on route 332 in Farmington, the project was a combination of both the historic renovation of the halfway house and a new construction,” Fraser said.

New Energy Works also played a role in the construction of The Lake House event space on Canandaigua Lake and the Sand Bar restaurant, along with the Seneca Zoo, Camp Stella Maris and Pavilion at the Lilac Adventure Zone.

The company prides itself on its commitment to the community and sustainability. How so?
“I think for us, sustainability starts with the materials that we use and the sourcing, so all aspects of our business are focused on using wood as a primary material. So whether it be timber frame, wall enclosure, or custom millwork item, we are using wood-based products for our work and ensuring that they’re sustainably sourced,” Fraser said. “So for us, we are about what is both beautiful, but also one of the most sustainable natural resources we have.”

How does the company continue to grow in the greater Rochester region?
Fraser said the company continues to grow locally because their roots are here and they believe in growing strong roots where you’re planted.

“We also believe deeply in our people and the people that we have and continue to invest in the people,” Fraser said. “But also we’re focused on changing the leading edge of technology, and trying to think about building different. We’re using technology and semi-automation in the construction industry, to think differently about how we build.”

“We’re focusing those efforts on our high-performance enclosure operation where the goal is to provide panelized super energy-efficient building envelopes to the marketplace that are constructed off-site using highly-sustainable materials, and really thinking differently about how we’re building.”

New Energy Works also invests in talent through different regional resources, including RIT, Alfred State, and SUNY colleges.

How does New Energy Works plan to invest in the community in the next few years?
“We’re trying to continue to push that high performance enclosure effort and really rethink how we’re how we’re going about our business,” Fraser said. “Our business relationships with other folks in the industry are kind of critical to what we do, and that’s to continue to invest in the people that we have. We’re transitioning to becoming a 100% employee-owned company, and really trying to promote growth in our industry, with good full-time paying jobs and benefits and still tackling cool, fun projects along the way.”