Experts in the real estate sector are canvassing for the adoption of offsite construction method, technology, industrilisation and collaboration to unlock the industry for the benefits of home seeking Nigerians and economy growth.

Speaking during the just concluded African International Housing Show in Abuja, one of the leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles and marbles in Nigeria, Messrs West African Ceramics Limited called for the adoption of offsite construction method as a sustainable solution to boost mass and affordable housing provision in the country.

Justifying the call, the Managing Director of the company, Mr P Bhaskar Rao, pointed out that one of the key factors accounting for the housing deficit was the fact that houses are not being delivered fast enough in proportion to the rate of population growth, especially in the cities.

To bridge the housing’s supply gap, Rao said the adoption of offsite construction methods has become imperative as a viable and sustainable alternative to provide housing for all.

“To this end, we have extended our brand from ceramic related product portfolio to light gauge steel as a deliberate effort and investment to provide alternative solutions in curbing the housing deficit in the country which is Offsite Construction Method,” he said.

Rao added that the Royal Light Gauge Steel would revolutionise building construction in the housing sector in Nigeria, saying it offered cost effectiveness, sustainable and long-term value propositions.

According to him, the steel frames were suitable for roofing trusses and have far reaching advantages over wooden trusses.

“Using steel frame trusses have tremendous advantages over the wooden the trusses. Steel trusses are fire resistant, rigid, durable, design flexibility which means that they offer significantly enhanced design opportunities because they can be designed and engineered for longer spans; span long lengths and distance than wooden trusses; and does not require chemical treatment unlike the wooden trusses,” he said

Lead architect of the company, Amaka Onyiuke, introduced the Royal Light Gauge Steel, stressing that offsite construction systems are computer designed and pre-engineered in a factory.

“The complete structure of the building is prefabricated in the form of ready to install insulated panels which are joined together with lightweight steel profiles; assembly is fast and uncomplicated and does not require specialist tools or knowledge. Completed buildings are packed in component format and delivered direct to the site location by vehicle,” she said.

Speaking on: Creating a Digital Platform to Achieve Scale in Terms of Delivery, Retail Funding, Mobilisation and Tokenisation’, the Managing Director of Octo 5 Real Estate, JideOdusolu, said that real estate sector has to go digital in order to unlock the housing deficit in Nigeria,

According to him, real estate industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution similar to Fintech, saying the power of digital platforms is enhancing real estate transactions.

He bemoaned Nigeria’s performance in providing decent homes, blaming it on poor technology base.

He said “Policies must chase innovation, not innovations chasing policies. It’s a known fact that If we do not innovate, we will die! Social housing is a government responsibility, but it’s unfortunate that they have relegated it into the background.”