The Management of Federal Housing Authority (FHA) said it is set to recover all property and parcels of land in its estates taken illegally.

The agency made this known in a statement by the Head, Public Affairs, FHA, Mr. Kenneth Chigelu, recently in Abuja.

According to him, the authority will not be deterred in ensuring that all government property taken illegally are recovered in all her estates, saying that the recovery of the property and lands had started since Senator Gbenga Ashafa, became its Managing Director.

”FHA has started undergoing a process of repositioning in all areas of its operations. The process has led to the elimination of fraudulent acquisition of lands and property, as was the case in the past. The exercise which started from Abuja, FCT and Lagos, South West zone, where the cases are much, has spread to the other zones,” he said.

Chigelu said the exercise affected Miracle City Church (Ambassador Royal Ministries) as it had no valid title on the 15,000sq meters of land it was claiming.

He said the Church had no approved building plan, neither could it boast of receipts of payment or genuine survey plans.

“Federal Housing Authority, as a government agency, has legitimately laid down procedures for land allocation. The Church has no evidence of these processes. FHA, as a responsible government agency, statutorily has the responsibility of embarking on Development Control measures in her estates. These include serving of Stop Work orders to control contraventions and illegal developments,” Chigelu said.

He said the Church should make public its valid land allocation papers, approved building plan, and evidence of the land to enable the Authority to review its status in FHA Estate.