•Dr. Onasanya

A real estate firm, The Address Homes, has emphasised the need for property firms to embrace the global shift towards the reduction of carbon emissions into the environment.

It made the call during a Real Estate Unite Summit in Lagos.

Making this known on the sidelines of the summit with the theme: Towards a sustainable culture, Managing Director, Address Homes, Bisi Onasanya, said all hands should be on deck to ensure the preservation of the environment via sustainable practices in the real estate sector.

Represented by Marketing Manager/Client Sales Executive, Segun Ogunbiyi, said there had been various calls across the real estate sector and beyond for individuals and business entities to prioritise clean and renewable sources of energy.

He said: “At The Address Homes, we make luxury, premium and high-end homes available to people at affordable prices. We encourage a convenient payment structure for our customers. When people hear about luxury homes, they believe they have to break the banks before they could be able to afford to live in houses in Ikoyi, Lekki and Banana Island. But, we at The Address Homes, believe that people can actually live in those places without having too much pressure on their finances.”

According to him, the world is trying to see how it can reduce the emission of carbon monoxide to secure nature. There’s a need for real estate organisations to create a sustainable policy within their system that revolves around the workforce, work methodology, the design and the team.

“There are no quick fixes that will suddenly transform today’s energy inefficient buildings into models of sustainable construction in the coming decades. It will take time, investment and expertise to retrofit the majority of buildings across urban areas.

“Yet, given that more than 60 per cent of carbon emissions within cities typically come from buildings, a concerted effort is needed sooner rather than later.

“It’s why longer-term commitments for a net-zero future are fuelling shorter-term pressures to start formulating action plans that will deliver steady progress,’’ he added.