In celebration of its first year anniversary Bayo Lawal, co-founder and Head of Strategy and Growth, Dukiya Investments, recently stated that the real estate company has contributed immensely to the development of the built industry in Nigeria with the structure of the organisation and its core focus on helping youth become house owners despite the adversity in the country.

“When we look at the development of real estate in Nigeria, we are a structured organisation to the core, we have an organisation that runs whether the leaders are available or not, it is not a one-man system, and that has also helped the real estate organisation in Nigeria because many organisations used this system also to help their business and now we have many of them now,” Lawal stated at the dinner event marking the firm’s celebration with its customers, held at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island.

“We have created a system that allows people to visit their lands at will, also for people to get allocated instantly, a system that allows them to get their receipts after payment, so with all these, we have created a lot of easy platforms that has made housing more accessible in Nigeria,” Lawal states further.

Lawal also spoke about the company’s resolve to establish properties in South Africa and extending business operation to Dubai, UK and other European countries.

While fielding questions on fraud in the real estate sector, he said, “we have tried as much as possible to separate ourselves from other real estate organisations in Nigeria, in other words, we are distinguished in the sense that not many companies in Nigeria do what is called ‘Instant Allocation’, so that is one of the things that we pride ourselves in and that gives us an edge above others. We have allocated all the estates we have sold out, so if someone has bought a property in the last one year with us, by now, they must have gotten their allocations.

“Also, we have made our system to be very transparent, we are reachable, open and relatable, we are not an organisation that doesn’t have a link or office, customers can always visit us at our office from Monday to Friday.

“One of the things we are trying to do is to cut our edges very sharp, that is why we try as much as possible to educate our audience and our clients on how to recognise those who will not deliver or defraud them. We have tried all these in order to separate ourselves from the fraud in the real estate,” Lawal stated.

Source : Business Day