Stakeholders in housing and real estate are expected to meet in Nairobi between May 12 and 14 to foster solutions that seek to promote low-cost and affordable housing as a driver of economic growth in Africa.
The meeting organised under the Africa Housing Forum is part of a global series of regional housing forums organised by Habitat for Humanity under the theme Fostering Inclusivity and Resilience in Housing in Africa.

Speaking ahead of the forum, Mr Charles Hinga, the Kenya principal secretary of housing and urban development, said discussions during the meeting will inform Africa’s renewed action towards sustainable and affordable housing, which remains a key challenge across the continent.
The current state of housing in Africa highlights an urgent need for solutions in building and construction that are sustainable and inclusive.

The housing deficit in Africa continues to grow with about 238 million people living in informal settlements, worsened by land tenure systems that have over the years been a source of conflict.
Mr Maurice Makoloo, Habitat for Humanity Africa vice president said in a statement yesterday that the Africa Housing Forum will seek to consolidate solutions to the continent’s housing challenges while also focusing on the role of housing in driving growth and economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19.

Uganda is estimated to have a housing deficit of at least 2.4 million units, out of which 210,000 units are in urban areas and 1.395 million in rural areas.
An estimated 900,000 units are substandard and in need of replacement or upgrading.
According to UN Habitat, 50 percent of sub-Saharan Africa will be living in towns and cities by 2030, primarily due to huge population growth that has been compounded by rural urban migration.

Source : Monitor