An expert in real estate development and business management, Rev. Ugochukwu Chime, has tasked Nigerians and businesses on the need to build trust in order to attain their individual and organisational goals.

The real estate magnet stated this at the Enugu Business Summit, Amadeo Week 2022, christened, “Dare To Be Different,” which held on Sunday in Enugu.

Speaking on the topic, “Bridging the Trust Gap”, Chime, who is the group managing director of COPEN Group, noted that the tendency and danger for most people today was to focus on the challenges of the Nigerian society and economy, which  would  only breed hopelessness and despair.

He stated that trust was an indispensable asset for any business that was worth any commitment and effort, noting that trust was a fluid commodity.

“As such, trust gained today, has to be protected by trustworthy words and actions on daily basis.”

According to Chime, the realisation of the value of trust had led to the era of packaging to ‘impress’, noting that while packaging might open the door of business opportunities, only trust that could keep it permanently open.

He said that gaining trust, which often made customers repose confidence in people and their brands, required a mixture of elements such as honesty, patience, and  gracefulness

“Since a customer’s decision to patronise you is totally dependent on the trust factor, it is essential we attach utmost importance to winning and retaining their trust,” he further said.

He opined that “trust separates you from the rest; trust builds customer loyalty; trust helps you overcome difficult times, and it enhances lead conversion.”

Against the backdrop of the get-rich-quick mentality that’s rampant in society, he noted that, “people, who want to grow businesses quickly through packaging fail to appreciate the fact that the trust factor is not gained overnight but requires time and effort. It is repeat, satisfied customers, who you have gained their trust over time that form the bedrock of any thriving and successful business.”

He also observed that the world had changed drastically due to the forces of globalisation and digitalisation, explaining that the current digital economy had increased the need for trust as a lot of people now transacted business without physical interaction.

The event, which was attended by over 2000 persons comprising captains of industry, students, artisans, traders and government officials, among others, featured exhibitions by different organisations and businesses, trade fair, housing talks, among others.

Source : Punch