The emergence of smart homes across urban centres of the country is expected to redefine housing and bridge housing deficits,

Despite the persistence gallop in price movement and inflationary trends in the real estate sector, construction business experts are of the view that building smart homes and luxury home features is the surest way to attract industries and investors into the sector, thereby, boosting foreign direct investments into the country.

The experts believe the housing unit shortfall in the real estate value-chain calls for urgent attention to address the lack of functionality of smart infrastructure and smart home features, hence, strengthen favourable outcomes for builders and homeowners to bridge housing deficit gap with best property development practices.

Apparently, in Nigeria, most cities are fast becoming homes to people  due to the rural-urban movement and the need to eke a living. The rapid-growing population, especially, the working class; and of course rapid urbanisation, among other factors, are already made market for smart homes.

Checks revealed that regardless of economic conditions of the nation and the citizens, researches have shown that there are many who are not just complacent with ‘any kind of home’.

This category of patrons or home-seekers wants more than just four walls and a parking lot. Simply put, they desire to live in the premiums of luxury homes and smart functional apartments which many call luxury homes, rather than ‘normal’ houses we find around.

For these reasons and more, specifically, a lot of home owners and affluent people desire luxury homes that provide all the modern comforts that cannot be overemphasised. The homes, especially in the urban areas, afford the owners to provide his/her family quality habitat with security, health facility, recreation centres, studios, gyms, pool sides and other privacy guaranteed.

Notably, affording a luxury home does not come cheap. With the poor state of the economy, galloping inflation and falling values of the naira and associated effects on the nation’s economic fortune, the prices of luxury properties have climbed steadily in the luxury markets over the years.

Experts’ Reaction

Commenting on the development, the chief executive officer(CEO) of The Address Homes, Mr. Bisi Onasanya hinted that the company offers luxurious edifices that are affordable and are of best global standards to bridge the housing deficit shortfall within the southwest housing communities and its geopolitical boundaries to attract businesses and investment.

The Address Homes boss affirmed that he established the firm to join players in the sector and speak to international standards with structures that can compete with best across the world.

He hinted that, by doing things differently, the Address Homes will play in the middle income segment to offer affordability of good homes, flexible payment options, security networks, smart functional homes, recreation centres, good ambience and lavish facilities that would provide flexible payment to homeowners without breaking the banks.

He explained that the quality would speak to some level of international standards and global practices in the real estate sector to build functional homes that will meet the global needs of the people irrespective of where they choose to stay and live.

More importantly, he said “we have very flexible, options. We allow people to dictate to us within a particular time frame how they want to structure their payment during construction. Oftentimes people ask us when they are discussing the payment plan, I will say what’s important is for you to spread the payment to the construction projects.

Speaking during a facility tour in Lagos, Dr. Onasanya, stated: said our determination in providing inspiring, regal, and well-built maisonette housing schemes in the country, the topnotch real estate company dedicated to the attainment, development, and management of bespoke deluxe contemporary homes, has added two new maisonette housing schemes into the market. These maisonette homes are definitely like no other, and could only have been delivered by The Address Homes, which prides itself as an “address of distinction”, where standards, innovation, newness and fresh perspectives thrive.

According to Onasanya, the fundamental goal of the firm was to provide smart homes which could boast of the basic amenities that were reflective of global best property development practices.

He said: “We didn’t venture into The Address Homes to make money, even though every business is set out to make money. The real intention, for me, is to allow us to do something different from the way previous participants and players in real estate have done

“We believe there is a need to inject some integrity into the real estate business. We also believe at times that quality was a bit deficient and there is a need to do things mostly to some level of international standards, irrespective of where you are. We wanted to come into the industry and put up structures that we can call homes, not houses.

This, he said, will compete with the best that you can see outside of the country, and yet without making you break the bank in terms of being able to pay or affordability. We see people trying to relocate from abroad – Canada, the United States of America (US) and Europe. There is a minimum standard of living they have been used to. They like to enter a home and there are basic things they look to see, the environment they also like to see. We found that these are missing to some extent.

Source : Leadership