The managing director of a top real estate company, Eko Shortlets, Mr Tobi Misan Adegboyega, has said the company has the capacity to meet the demand for shortlets in Nigeria and other countries.

The populations of more than half of African nations will double – or more – by 2050, the product of sustained high fertility and improving mortality rates and with this expected growth is the resulting high demand for housing.

Mr Adegboyega believes that property owners are better positioned to bring balance to the housing supply chain crisis that will rise following this development.

Thus, while seeking to invest in property, Eko Shortlets stands out to be the paramount apartment management company that people can trust.

“The testimonies show it, we have provided an arrangement works that works, be it for the clients or the homeowners. We place our customers first by providing affordable apartments that cater to their needs.

“We provide a step-by-step guide on sourcing the right property to let. This gives the client the power and confidence to ask the right questions about what they need so we can effectively serve them better.

“As the demand for private spaces rises among the growing population, our main goal is to make sure the process of granting their needs remains transparent and simple,” he stated.

Eko ShortLets is an apartment management company that has taken up the challenge to change the shortLet and apartment tale, one customer at a time.

The company also takes on other people’s property in a managerial capacity. These properties will be put up on its fleet of tastefully furnished apartments and they will be made up to fit into the standard of primus inter pares luxurious spaces, whilst retaining an almost pristine state.

Owners of such property will be given a percentage of the company’s income on a monthly basis without fail. To this end, it’s a win-win situation for both the owners of properties and the team at Eko ShortLets.

Source : Business Post