Pursuant to enhancing food security in the country, a Housing and Agricultural development firm, Eastern House Development Ltd, has advised Nigerians to emphasise the establishment of farm estates than Housing.

The firm said that efforts should move from the construction of houses to farm estates, where available land should be used for agricultural purposes in commercial quantities.

The firm disclosed that it was ready to partner in the specific development of farm estates for government, groups or individuals interested in the project.

Chairman/Group Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Nuel Chinedu while addressing Newsmen in Enugu, urged the Federal and the State Governments, as well as individuals to commence investment in the agricultural sector to create food security and employment.

Chinedu’s advice is coming as the country battles the food crisis and worsening challenges in the power sector, with many investors already out of the country, noting that only agriculture would pull the country out of its present woes.

“Agricultural development is essential to any nation’s economic wellbeing. There must be an intensified effort towards ending poverty and ensuring food security, as well as feeding the increasing population figures within the urban and rural communities,” he said.

He said he was already leading efforts to take the country away from building houses to “providing real estate products solely built for agricultural use.”

“The key question is what type of investments do private developers/investors need to do to significantly grow African agricultural development?

“As in the traditional real estate sector, agricultural real estate will provide homes for rearing animals in a gated distant estate to improve the nation’s agricultural output and boost food security.

“With widening food insecurity and climate change fatalities on agricultural production, we believe that there is a need to construct extensive farm estates across states, hence the need for creating disruptive real estate style in Nigeria.

“We, thereby, make a strong case for mass agricultural real estate construction and seek partners in this regard,” he further stated.

Source : Vanguard