Sterling Homes, Nigeria’s leading property development company has added yet another feather to its cap. The company has now expanded its operations beyond the shores of Nigeria.

According to the company, it will be spreading its tentacles globally to assist in reducing the gap in housing deficit and providing sustainable real estate development, starting with the launch of its new office in Rwanda.

Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, the CEO of Sterling Homes disclosed the company’s plan during a press conference which was held at their head office in Lagos.

He said, “Empowering the African real estate industry with our innovative real estate solution is what Sterling Homes is poised to achieve, and that’s what we’ve done since our entry.

“We are excited about this new development and believe that extending our services to Rwanda would not only increase our customer base but also make room for increased access to homeownership for the average citizen and create better living experiences for the people of Rwanda.

“Our expansion is in line with our mission of creating and building communities where people can thrive. We have continued to prioritize our client’s comfort and we are focused on offering real estate solutions to enable people of all classes in Rwanda to have access to affordable and quality housing that will make them feel safe, important, and loved.

“Since 2014, we have kept to our word of transforming the real estate sector in Nigeria with our land and housing projects which have created a safe haven for over 1,000 families, retirees, return-seeking investors (both local & international), and professionals.”

Arch. Kola Afeni, the company’s project manager gave more insight into the company’s developments which he regarded as a “stepping stone for greater things to come.”

He said, “Rwanda is an investor-friendly climate with untapped opportunities, we are confident in the services we provide and we are very positive about the outcome. We have an outstanding track record in Nigeria and we believe Rwanda will be no exception.

“Our experience in Nigeria, as well as the positive impact, achieved so far has strengthened our commitment towards turning housing dreams into reality by providing affordable homes with a core focus on innovative designs that resonate with luxury, comfort, and ease.

“Some of these projects include D’avalon, Haviah court, Victoria Court, Majesty Court, Jewel Garden, Havilah Park & Gardens, Moriah Parks & Gardens, Barachel Parks & Gardens and so much more. Sterling homes ltd aims to provide top value to its customers in terms of quality, pricing, and excellent service in order to make homeownership a reality for many.”

Sterling Homes is a property development company providing affordable housing projects across strategic locations with a vision to make homeownership affordable and accessible with affordable payment options at the barest minimum.

Over the next year, the company aims to expand beyond its current sphere and spread globally.