There’s no doubt that Real estate is one of the best methods to build long-term wealth, and if you want to get started on the cheap and work your way up, you should carry out your due diligence on all you need to know concerning Real Estate.

If you go shopping for cheap land for sale in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Port Harcourt and other cities, you can end up with major burns on your fingers.

If you’re seeking for cheap land in Nigeria or where to buy cheap land, this article will guide you on the best and major places to see how much it costs to buy land, how to go about and where you can buy the cheapest land in Nigeria. They include;


It’s no longer news that Lagos is one of the best places to invest when it comes to Real Estate. But is Land indeed cheap in Lagos? Let’s find out. Lagos state is the first option in this article because you know that there are spots in Lagos where you can buy affordable land if you do your homework properly. And this article is going to be an eye-opener to all you need to know related to this topic.

Let’s get started…

Epe – Ibeju Lekki: Epe, Ibeju Lekki axis is growing, and there are initiatives in the works with the Lagos state government. Such as the Lekki Deep Sea, Lekki Airport, Free trade zone, and others major projects going on in the area. This is an excellent real estate investment opportunity for you.This area has been set aside for a number of government projects to help with development and expansion, as well as to boost every investment in the region.

Multinational corporations and businesses are not exempt. Dangote Refinery, Power Oil, and Dano Milk are just a few of the enterprises that will be working there soon.

In addition to all of these magnificent developments, the La Campagne Beach Resort & Park, the LUFASI natural park, which houses some internationally endangered species, the Lekki International Golf Course, and the Lekki Conservation Center add to the area’s appeal.

All of these projects are still in the early stages of development, which means that fantastic land deals are still available. However, once these projects are completed, the cost of land in Ibeju Lekki is expected to rise.

The price range for land in this area is currently between N650,000 and N1,000,000.

Ikorodu: People in Lagos often dislike Ikorodu, but if you don’t mind buying a plot of land there, you may obtain one for as little as N700,000. Igbogbo, Agbowo, Ijede, Imota, Igbolomu, Isanwo, and are only a few examples.


The next state on our list is Ogun state, because of its close proximity to Lagos, the state is advancing in terms of development. But, because it’s not fully yet developed, most of the landed property in the state are not very expensive. They’re quite affordable.

For instance, we’ve some of these popular and upcoming locations to buy cheap land in Ogun state. They include;

Ibafo, Mowe: I recall how inexpensive this location was back then, and I’ve included it in our piece because you can still get a plot for as little as N1,000,000 and more.

Odeda: is one of the Ogun’s cities where you can buy cheap land for as little as N400,000.

Abeokuta, Obada, Idi-Ori, Adigbe: You can still purchase a plot for N350,000 or more, but it will most likely be inside. And these areas are undoubtedly well-developed in Abeokuta.

Owode: Are you looking for a place to cultivate and live? You can acquire land for as little as N300,000 in certain areas.

Ibese – Wasinmi Axis:Because of the Dangote Cement Factory in this area, you should be familiar with Ibese, Itori, Ewekoro, and Wasinmi. A plot of land can be purchased for as little as N400,000.

Agbado: developed, although land is still available for as little as N800,000 upwards.


Places such as Lugbe in FCT Abuja is in a prime position making it one of the best areas to acquire land. Despite the fact that Lugbe has a sizable population, there are still lots of land areas available for purchase.

Kuje: Another great spot to buy land is Kuje. Despite its remote location from the city core, land in Kuje is very inexpensive in comparison to other adjacent cities. So, if you want to acquire land for a low price, look at the grounds in Kuje.

Furthermore, if you are seeking for farmland or agricultural land, Kuje is an excellent choice because it is sufficient of it. The real estate values in Kuje are projected to climb as the Centenary City develops.Between the international airport and the city center, these areas are located. This puts it in the vicinity of Centenary City, which is still under construction. Centenary City, like Dubai, is an autonomous city that the Nigerian government aims to establish. Thus, making the area perfect to invest for a good Return on Investment (ROI) in years to come.


Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s cheapest cities to live in and buy cheap land. You can get cheap land for as little as N250,000 and up. If you want to get into real estate investing, Ibadan is a wonderful place to start.You may have observed that a large number of real estate companies are flocking to Ibadan, and this is due to the city’s rapid expansion.

Egbeda — Badeku: This is a new development area in Ibadan where you can buy a parcel of land for around N450,000.

Iseyin – Alabata: Another freshly growing region in Ibadan is Iseyin – Alabata. From Ojoo, Moniya, and Iseyin, there is an excellent road network. One of the most appealing features you’ll notice is the state’s new monorail system.


We have some locations where one can easily buy cheap landed property in Anambra. This place is located close to the new international airport making it a great location for investment. We have Umuleri, Nnado, Aguleri. A plot goes for as low as N750,000


In rivers, we have Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s second largest city, is a hive of activity. It is one of Nigeria’s busiest and, without a doubt, most affluent states.Port Harcourt just like Lagos, boasts a diverse range of industries, including airports, seaports, oil service companies, and petrochemicals. The wealth and resources of this state have aided in population growth, and numerous enterprises such as shopping malls and residential flats thrive there.If you’re looking to buy land in Nigeria, Peter Odili Road in Port Harcourt is one of the most rapidly expanding neighborhoods.


Ilorin is a nice area to live, and it’s also extremely tranquil. Many real estate enthusiasts are taking advantage of the possibility to invest in Ilorin real estate. In many regions of Ilorin, land is relatively inexpensive, and you may acquire one for as little as N100,000. Places such as;

Ogele: This is a suburb of Ilorin where acres of land sell for N100,000 and up. Odoore: This is located along the airport road. The area here is ideal for both residential and commercial development.

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