Despite prospects that have been made available by the region’s expanding population and increasing urbanization, investment interest in the real estate market in the eastern part of Nigeria has remained modest throughout time.

Due to business and education, this region’s largest cities are fast becoming more urbanized. Due to these, there is now a demand for real estate assets, which has led to investment opportunities.

Nigeria’s real estate market has expanded over the past few years but at varying speeds. Particularly in the real estate industry, Port Harcourt has received a lot of attention lately. This article’s focus, Xandoni Realty Limited, has made sure that these concerns are taken care of.

Xandoni Realty Limited was established in 2016 by Nteiro Cornelius. The firm operates as a real estate sales, development, and management company with a base in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Xandoni’s goal is to provide clients with the chance to invest in real estate. Through the purchase, development, and administration of real estate, we consistently come up with amazing new ways to create wealth. The firm also runs a real estate affiliate community that allows individuals not employed by it to learn, work, and earn commissions.

The Port Harcourt real estate market has a substantial effect on the regional economy. Due to the abundance of job prospects for real estate agents, property managers, developers, and other associated professions, many businesses in the city today are directly or indirectly dependent on the real estate sector.

The spike in housing demand is another effect of Port Harcourt’s real estate industry. Property owners and investors have benefited from this increase in property value and rental income by becoming wealthier. The expansion of the real estate industry also opens up opportunities for ancillary industries that support an organization’s core operations.

Xandoni’s services include:

Xandoni buys lands in bulk, holds them for a while, and resells them for a high return on investment, on an annual basis.

Property Development

Xandoni develops and manages properties for clients. The firm’s credibility, borne out of years of experience in the Real Estate industry, has distinguished it from its contemporaries.

Asset Management

Xandoni aims to disrupt the industry, push limits, and establish new benchmarks for real estate in Nigeria. The firm believes that Port Harcourt is just a starting point in its drive to disrupt Africa’s real estate sector.

Overall, the Port Harcourt real estate market plays a significant role in the development of the local economy by generating wealth, jobs, and economic expansion. For investors and business owners, the Port Harcourt real estate market offers several opportunities. There is a continuing need for new construction due to the expanding population and rising demand for homes. The required ingenuity is provided by Xandoni.