Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, has been elected chairperson of board of Pan-African finance institution, Shelter Afrique. The announcement was conveyed by Dr. Chii Akporji.

She said Dangiwa, as new Annual General Meeting Bureau Chairperson, is to chair the 2023 meeting, to be held on October 5 in Algiers, to kickstart the 2024 event coming up in Kigali, where he would then hand over to the First Vice Chairman.

Akporji also briefed the minister on the organisation’s operations in Nigeria, including the recent issuance of local currency bond, where it raised $100 million to enhance the housing ecosystem as a part of a medium-term loan of $250 million.

She said: “We want to solicit the minister’s kind intervention on the government of Nigeria to meet up with its outstanding capital subscription of $21 million. Even though it was approved during the previous administration, the funds were not released before the tenure ended.

“The team further told the minister on the Statutes Revision Process, which seeks to rework the documentation establishing the institution since its inception in 1982. The new statutes are the agreement for the development plan, and are one of the reasons for the extraordinary Annual General Meeting coming up in October.

“On this, we would like to seek the minister’s firm support for the approval of the agreement document, which is necessary for consolidating the gains made so far in placing Shelter Afrique on a firm growth trajectory.”

Dangiwa, on his part, thanked the organisation for the honour bestowed on him and pledged continued collaboration.