The Minister of Housing, Mr. Ahmed Dangiwa, has promised that Nigerians will notice a positive difference in the provision of housing in the country under his administration. The Minister pledged to break the systemic barriers to housing and urban development in the country.

At a reception organised by the staff of the Ministry of Housing for him and his Minister of State, Abdullahi Tijjani in Abuja, Dangiwa highlighted the task ahead, saying that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development carries a huge responsibility and that he is set to make his impact felt in the ministry.

Stressing his resolve to make a difference, he stated that the ministry was designed to play a fundamental role in ensuring that Nigerians have access to affordable housing and that our communities are decent, safe, and livable. The minister affirmed that with the requisite support, he would do all within his power to deliver on President Bola Tinubu’s bold vision for the housing sector.

According to him, “With your support, I believe that we shall make a historic difference in the performance of this duty. For me, | believe that housing is not just about brick and mortar, it is also about creating communities, building families, and ensuring that every Nigerian has a place they can call home. I am here to work with you towards making that possible.

“I also believe that the responsibility of this Ministry is to create an enabling environment and formulate policies that empower agencies under its supervision to perform their functions optimally. This will be a central focus of my leadership and I urge you all to work in alignment with this vision.”

The minister acknowledged that, “we are facing numerous challenges, but with challenges come opportunities for growth and progress. With rapid population growth, the demand for housing in our nation is ever-increasing, and it is our duty to rise to the occasion and meet these needs head-on.”

He harped on the importance of teamwork, collaboration, innovation, hard work, and open communication in order to surmount the challenges.

Dangiwa also vowed to take bold initiatives, champion strategic housing reforms, and break systemic barriers to housing and urban development. He disclosed that he would prioritize the N500 Billion recapitalization of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) to give it leverage and enhance its ability to provide more affordable mortgage loans and rent-to-own options to Nigerians.

He promised to reform the FMBN, Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and other housing agencies so they can have the necessary capacity, and the technological edge to deliver world class services to Nigerians.”