On Monday, August 21, 2023, Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa officially assumed office as the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, pledging to realize President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s bold vision for housing and urban renewal.

Addressing top ministry officials, heads of agencies, and staff, Arc. Dangiwa underscored the important role of the Ministry in ensuring all Nigerian have access to decent, quality, and affordable housing while fostering livable communities.

To execute this mandate effectively, the Minister said he will prioritize creating an enabling environment to encourage increased private sector participation and investment, along with the formulation of policies that empower agencies supervised by the ministry to optimize their performance according to their designated functions.

“I believe that the responsibility of this Ministry is to create an enabling environment and formulate policies that empower agencies under its supervision to perform their functions optimally. This will be a central focus of my leadership, and I urge you all to work in alignment with this vision,” he declared.

Acknowledging the challenges arising from rapid population growth and increasing housing demands, Arc. Dangiwa pledged to seize these challenges as opportunities for growth and progress. He committed to championing strategic housing reforms to dismantle barriers hindering housing and urban development.
Notably, he disclosed plans to work closely with the National Assembly to review relevant laws to streamline land and housing administration and increase investments in the housing sector.

He also said he will prioritize the N500 billion recapitalization of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), to enable the bank offer more affordable mortgage loans and foster homeownership.
The minister also revealed plans to accelerate the reform of the FMBN and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) so they can have the necessary capacity, and the technological edge to deliver world class services to Nigerians.

He additionally pledged to embrace innovative financing solutions for housing construction and to collaborate with relevant institutions to secure funding for large-scale affordable housing projects nationwide.

The minister said he unveil a comprehensive Strategic Housing and Urban Development Blueprint in the coming days. This blueprint is expected to outline detailed priorities, initiatives, reforms, and plans to reshape the nation’s housing landscape.