The real estate industry supports the Minister-designate, Ahmed Dangiwa, in his call for reform in the agencies under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Dangiwa, during an interview with the press, during a four-day event hosted by the African International Housing Show, in Abuja, before he was appointed the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, called for the reformation of agencies under the Ministry of Housing.

He said the Ministry of Housing had no business in direct construction of housing but must be concerned with empowering the necessary agencies of government saddled with such responsibility.

He said, “Ministry of Housing is the key, they should provide the policies and all the other agencies should conduct and construct the houses. The Ministry of Housing is not meant to construct the houses themselves, but they should empower agencies under that ministry in order to perform optimally.

Reacting to Dangiwa’s argument, the Managing Partner, Ubosi Eleh and Co, Chudi Ubosi, said reformation was a necessary part of life.

He added that he had no reservations about the reformation of the agencies under the housing ministry.

He said, “However, the key questions to be answered are: what is the essence and objective of the reformation? Is the goal to prioritise political patronage or genuinely make a positive impact on housing? What were the shortcomings of the agencies before now? Do they have set objectives and targets? What challenges were faced by these agencies in meeting their earlier objectives, if any exist? What are the new objectives & targets of the reformation? Is the government ready to provide the enabling environment to meet these objectives of the reformation? Are the new personnel being brought in ready & equipped to meet the objectives of the reformation?

“These are just some of the questions. Once these can be honestly answered then the reformation agenda can truly proceed with the likelihood of success ahead.”

Also, a building expert, Charles Adesanya, said the reforming of agencies under the Ministry of Housing was necessary.

He added, “The reforms should focus on enhancing transparency in decision-making processes and ensuring accountability for actions taken by these agencies.

“This can involve measures such as regular reporting, open data initiatives, and mechanisms to address corruption or mismanagement.”

According to him, the informal sector is one area the government can look to empower through cooperative societies.

“When I was in Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, I created the cooperative housing development launch, in which even the traders on the street can gather themselves and form into cooperative societies, and approach a mortgage bank for money.

“This current administration is leveraging on N1tn, which is 20 per cent of the cash removal fund in the Central Bank of Nigeria, and Nigeria would benefit from that for a single-digit mortgage rate for a 20–30-year period,” Adesanya explained.