*A Nigerian woman took to her YouTube channel to share her experience of getting a place to rent in Ghana
*She explained how difficult it was for her to find a decent place to stay because of her Nigerian nationality
*Several netizens were sympathetic about her story and took to the comments to also share similar experiences they had

A YouTuber with the handle Blue Beatrice Archibong lamented how difficult it was for her to secure accommodation in Ghana because she was a Nigerian. She added that the situation was the same for securing office and business spaces. The YouTuber said she knew other Nigerians who suffered a similar fate.

Luckily for her, she got a place and took netizens on a virtual tour of her studio accommodation.

Speaking exclusively to YEN.com.gh, a Nigerian man who currently lives in Ghana, Victor Moses, said: I found it difficult getting a place to stay in Accra. This is because most landlords have the negative impression that Nigerians cause trouble wherever they go. Some even boldly list on the internet that they do not accept Nigerians. I think this is bad and needs to be addressed.

Several netizens were thankful she could get a place and took to the comments to share their thoughts. YEN.com.gh compiles some reactions below. Felix Yeboah Twumasi said: Yea I do share in your plight but it’s the same for a Ghanaian in Nigeria too. Somewhere in 2018 I travelled to Nigeria and finding a room for a couple of weeks was very difficult and I couldn’t even get it. I had to resort to a hotel for weeks before travelling out. I was specifically in Port Harcourt.

Big Fun enquired: Beatrice why this title? I know a lot of Nigerians in Ghana who get apartments easily. If your money is ready you shouldn’t have any issues. Ghanani Abrante3 commented: You are a hardworking woman. Keep it up. It will be difficult but you’ll surely make it. Live modestly. Don’t try to impress anyone. KOB remarked: I am very proud of you. Don’t stop. Keep aiming high.