There has been so much talk about real estate investment in several parts of the country, with Lagos and Abuja being two of the major hot spots, and while many have successfully secured landed properties in different parts, some others have not been as lucky as they have been victims of fraudsters.

To this end, the topic of real estate investment sparks scepticism among individuals and businesses, as investment typically suggests a financial input in anticipation of greater output, or ROI. Basically, investing is not for the weak-minded. It is for smart and foresighted people, and real estate, like every other business, has indicators or markers to help you predict the profitability of such an investment. These markers include the location of the said property, the ongoing or prospective development around the property’s environs, and title documentation for the property.

These issues, however, do not take away the fact that one of the most valuable assets one can possess is landed property. You can have as much as 60% appreciation in the value of a property in just one year! Sounds impossible, right?

ell, real estate is all about value – the cost of purchase for that land will not remain the same in 5 years. For example, a plot of land in the Sangotedo axis of Lagos State that was sold for N8.4m in 2017, currently sells for over N20.5m – a whooping N12.1m value appreciation in just five years. Now imagine having 5 plots of such a property – it’s all about profits!

The same can be said of Ibeju-Lekki which has been given different monikers like the “fastest growing real estate region in Nigeria”, “New Lagos” etc. The axis has become one of the most wanted locations for investment by investors, real estate developers, and other industry-related experts due to the ongoing massive industrialization and road network expansion in the area.

Brookvale Estate is a co-development of Providence Homes and Dad Anthony Homes, which launched on the 30th of April 2022 and is situated at the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Elerangbe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos and is a development that will bring like-minds together. The company is the home of forward-thinking Nigerians who are ready to change the status quo and create an enabling environment for growth and development to thrive.

In its immediate environs are Alaro city, Epe resort, Pan-Atlantic University, Deep Sea Port, and New International Airport, amongst others. Brookvale Estate’s proposed facilities include 24/7 security, drainage system, street lights, electricity, interlocked road network, beautiful landscape, perimeter fencing, and gatehouse (which are currently under construction).

Plot sizes available at Brookvale include 300sqms and 500sqms selling for N3m and N5m respectively. 3-month to 6-month instalment payment options are available. So, are you a Nigerian who would rather determine your future than do nothing? Brookvale offers innovative solutions.