The CEO of Cuddle Realty, Mr. John Igbinosa, has advised youths to get actively involved in real estate through fractional ownership.

Igbinosa disclosed this while partnering with brand influencer, Dimmy Kiss adding that the aim was to take the message of financial literacy to millions of African youths and drive more young people to actively own Real Estate through co-ownership via the Cuddle platform.

The real estate boss said that even though Real Estate has been an integral part of the wealth building process for the 1%, many young people who would become parents of tomorrow needs to get involved quickly and start building wealth one step at a time.

He added that the firm intends to massively increase youth involvement in owning Real Estate through fractional ownership, while making what was exclusively available to some, now available to all by owning properties in strategic locations in Nigeria from as low as N20,000.

“Cuddle is actively partnering with different individuals and corporate bodies to ensure that a lot of young people are well informed about this stellar opportunity to co-own Real Estate from as low as #20,000 and earn rents for life.” he said.

Recounting its progress, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder Cuddle Realty, Mr. Fabian George stated that Cuddle has gotten a lot of exciting progress.

George said Cuddle had about 10,000 visits on it’s website on the day of the launch and tons of enquires daily also from people in the diaspora.

“We have onboarded 468 active users in less than 3months who engages our platform and we are ready to scale what we do at Cuddle to a larger audience as soon as possible, hence our collaboration with brand influencer, Dimmy Kiss

“Our goal is to grow Cuddle to hit 10,000 active users before the end of 2022,” he said

Head of Product, Omowunmi Samson, reassured clients of the security of their assets while engaging the platform due to different accessibility means made available to them.

The accessibility means according to Samson are; being able to visit the co-owned property at any time, being able to use the property as a client, yearly financial record of the propertysent to your email and many more.” he said.

Chief Technology Officer, David Adokuru added that Cuddle will keep unveiling innovative means to ensure that the platform remains not just an accessible means of co-owning properties but also a secured way to build wealth and track their assets through Blockchain technology that would launch soon.