As part of the Biden administration’s steps to promote green manufacturing and address climate change contributions from industry, the government could be purchasing materials such as low-carbon asphalt and concrete, in addition to the more familiar items like electric vehicles.

A new fact sheet from the White House reported on by The Hill said the goal is a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering clean hydrogen energy and using the federal government’s purchasing power to advance its climate goals, among other efforts.

The Energy Department announced that it will take a step toward carrying out programs initiated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law on clean hydrogen—which is when hydrogen energy is produced using clean energy—by issuing new requests for information from stakeholders.

Its purchasing efforts include efforts from the General Services Administration to buy low-carbon concrete and asphalt. It also includes efforts to use cleaner materials in federal transportation projects at the Department of Transportation (DOT) including a pilot program incentivizing the acquisition of low-carbon materials and the creation of a DOT working group that will assess and take actions to cut emissions from construction materials used in transportation infrastructure.

Source : The Hill