A real estate expert and Managing Director, Keshab Properties and Investment Limited, Abiodun Fausat Abdul has said the nation’s economy cannot be fully developed without the housing sector being functional.

She therefore said if the government wants to develop the economy, adequate attention must be given to the housing sector.

Abdul said this during her company’s end of the year programme basically aimed at acknowledging the realtors, who have worked hard during the last year and also to come together and thank God on the journey so far.

She said the real estate sector needs government support, adding that “first of all, government should give enabling environment to the real estate companies in terms of title, possessing, the timing and the cost because when these real estate companies get the properties cheaper and easier, they would also give it to the public at a cheaper rate.

“When the process is so tedious, they pass it to the public, which are the people. So when the government supports real estate companies, the government is supporting the individuals in the economy indirectly.

“If the government wants to develop the economy, they must give the housing sector a very good attention by providing an enabling environment for the real estate companies and also to provide finances for genuine real estate companies that are ready to use that fund to better the lives of the people,” she noted further.

Apart from the end of the year gathering to appreciate the realtors, she said her company also gives training to them and also incentives for sales they have made.

“Today, a lot of people who have made sales of properties worth N1 Million and above are going home with some gifts to encourage them and at times instead of giving them just five per cent commission, we increase it a bit just to encourage them to do more.

“People usually run away from selling properties because it is difficult to do. But what we do is that we train people to sell.

“That is one of my core areas; I am a real estate investment trainer, so I put them through the process of being a sort after realtor,” she added.

She advised Nigerians that as the year begins, they should be on the lookout for genuine companies like Keshab Properties and Investment Limited through which they can own their own home, adding, “we are in business not just to make money but to solve problems of housing for people.

“That is why we deal on properties that are not so expensive and then we still put them on payment plans.

“So Nigerians should be on the lookout for companies that are offering genuine solutions to housing problems in Nigeria and they should learn to save and not spend all the money they make.

“They should save towards investing in real estate investment because that is what most people fall back to after many years of meritorious service.’

A highly reputable firm established to meet the increasing needs of home ownership for individuals, Keshab Properties is a real estate firm offering genuine, affordable properties in choice locations to individuals and corporate entities in Nigeria, Dubai, UK, US and so on.

Source : All Africa